City of North Myrtle Beach Comments on July 10, 2019 Court Order Regarding Civil Action No 2019-CP-26-01732

The City of North Myrtle Beach has reviewed the July 10, 2019 Order from Judge William H. Seals, Jr. pertaining to Civil Action No. 2019-CP-26-01732.

In that Order, the Court specifically ruled that on and after August 10, Horry County cannot collect its Hospitality Fee in the city of North Myrtle Beach.

The Order does not affect North Myrtle Beach’s lawful tax ordinances, which authorize the City to collect its Accommodations Tax of 3%, Hospitality Tax of 2% and Amusement Fee of 1%. North Myrtle Beach businesses should continue to collect and remit these taxes and fee in full to the City of North Myrtle Beach as previously outlined in the City’s June 24, 2019 notice mailed individually to all businesses within its jurisdiction.

According to the July 10 Court Order, on and after August 10, only the City’s Hospitality Tax, Accommodations Tax and Amusement Fee will be collected in the City of North Myrtle Beach.

To read the July 10 Court Order, follow this link: or visit and look under "Press Releases."

Motions And Exhibits Filed Today (June 26) Asking The Court to Fully Implement Its Order of June 21, 2019 as Written to Apply to All Municipalities in Horry County

Horry County indicated by way of an emailed June 25 news release that it intended to continue to collect unauthorized taxes in North Myrtle Beach and other municipalities starting July 1, 2019.

A July 21, 2019 Court order associated with CIVIL ACTION NO. 2019-CP-26-01732 opposed Horry County’s actions in this regard. The same Court order identified the plaintiff as “City of Myrtle Beach, For Itself and a Class of Similarly Situated Plaintiffs”, which clearly includes municipalities in Horry County.

In response to Horry County's stated intent, motions and exhibits were filed today, June 26, in the Horry County Court of Common Pleas asking the Court to fully implement the order of June 21, 2019, as written, to apply to all municipalities within Horry County.

Today’s motions and exhibits are available online at

If the link above does not work for you, please visit and look under "Press Releases" on the homepage.

North Myrtle Beach Reacts to Horry County's Decision to Illegally Collect Hospitality and Accommodations Taxes Within the City Limits

North Myrtle Beach, SC – June 25, 2019 – Today, Horry County announced it intends to collect hospitality and accommodations taxes within the city of North Myrtle Beach. Only the City of North Myrtle Beach has the legal right to establish and collect these taxes within its jurisdiction. Horry County has absolutely no authority to do so and is in clear violation of law.

In overwhelming fashion, the recent Court order associated with CIVIL ACTION NO. 2019-CP-26-01732 opposed Horry County’s actions in this regard. The same Court order identified the plaintiff as “City of Myrtle Beach, For Itself and a Class of Similarly Situated Plaintiffs”, which clearly includes municipalities in Horry County.

As emphasized in that Court order, South Carolina law preserves the autonomy of municipalities within their borders, absent their agreement or consent or an express statutory provision to the contrary. The County and the City each possess the authority to enact uniform service charges but no law grants the City or the County the power to unilaterally impose uniform service charges within the jurisdictional limits of the other.

The City of North Myrtle Beach is seeking immediate legal recourse.

The City will collect the full hospitality tax and accommodations tax within its jurisdiction. Under law, Horry County can only establish and collect service taxes in areas of the County outside of municipal jurisdictions.

Enjoy the Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band in a FREE June 27 Concert at the Horseshoe on Main Street

You are invited to enjoy a free concert featuring the Blackwater Rhythm & Blues band on Thursday, June 27, 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. at the Horseshoe on Main Street. 

Beach music and blues hits. Bring a beach chair.

The free concert is part of the North Myrtle Beach Parks & Recreation Department’s Music on Main summer concert seriessponsored by Coastal Carolina National Bank (CCNB).

For day of event weather information call the “Rec Check” hotline at (843) 280-5594, follow on Facebook, or visit their website

Paid Parking in Public Parking Lots on Either Side of Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach Starts June 15

Installation of payment kiosks, signage and more has begun in public parking lots on either side of Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach.

The paid parking season this year runs from June 15 through October. Hours are 9am-5pm daily. Parking fee is $2 per hour.

To pay to park, use the Passport Parking App, which works on iOS (Apple) and Android mobile phones. Download the App to your phone from the Apply or Google Play Store. The App is free. You can receive email or text alerts when your time is about to run out. If you want to park longer than originally planned, you can extend your parking time using the App without leaving the beach.

Those who do not want to use the App can use one of the Pay 'N Go kiosks that will be located in most lots. The kiosks do not accept bills or coins.

If you do not want to pay using either the App or the kiosk because you only use cash, call the Park North Myrtle Beach Office at (843) 480-3711.

Mayor Marilyn Hatley issued a June 6 Proclamation Honoring North Myrtle Beach Resident Leonard a Gardner For His Service to His Country

Memorial Day Weekend in the City of North Myrtle Beach

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off our main visitor season. We quickly begin to grow from a city with a permanent population of about 16,000 people to one with a daily population of 100,000-plus.

Memorial Day Weekend coincides with the annual Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Black Pearl Cultural Heritage & Bike Festival. Although sponsored by the adjacent Town of Atlantic Beach, the event affects North Myrtle Beach. Many event participants stay with us and enjoy our city. This means that a large number of motorcycles travel our roads, presenting safety challenges for motorcyclists and motorists. Whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, everyone should exercise caution and extend courtesy. Continually check to the rear and sides as you drive down the road.

There is an increased presence of public safety officers in North Myrtle Beach during Memorial Day Weekend, including officers from other jurisdictions in South Carolina, and the South Carolina Highway Patrol. They are here for the benefit of all residents and visitors, and their key focus in North Myrtle Beach is traffic management and safety. We want to keep traffic flowing so that gridlock does not occur. When traffic gridlock occurs, frustrations build and people anger more easily.

While law enforcement works to keep traffic moving, everyone must practice patience. If it normally takes someone 10 minutes to get to an attraction, restaurant or other destination, expect it to take longer over Memorial Day Weekend.


Excessive noise is a key complaint during major holiday weekends.

The City’s Noise Ordinance States: “It is unlawful for any person to make, continue or cause to be continued any excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud noise or any noise which either annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others, within the limits of the city.”

Those who violate the noise ordinance can be cited and/or or arrested with a fine up to $1,000.

Please be considerate of others.


We encourage motorists to watch out for motorcycles on our roads, and we encourage motorcyclists to avoid doing the following things, which are illegal and can endanger others on the road:

-- Speeding
-- Burnouts
-- Weaving between cars
-- "Holding” intersections to allow a group to continue through without stopping for a red light or stop sign.

Those who do these things are subject to a citation and/or arrest with a fine up to $1,000.

Exercise good judgment and respect others.


Motorcycle thefts increase during Memorial Day Weekend. Expensive, custom and show bikes are popular with thieves. Here are some theft prevention tips:

-- Avoid parking motorcycles in poorly lit areas.
-- Don’t leave leathers, cameras, GPS, helmets, or other valuables on your bike.
-- Lock your motorcycle. Thieves can easily overcome factory-installed ignition locks, so use high-quality disk locks, wheel locks, and heavy-duty cable or chain locks.


Our law enforcement personnel practice "community policing", which means they try to be accessible and available to interact with residents and visitors. Their goal is to establish mutual trust and respect. When that occurs, good things follow.

They try first to educate people about our laws. If that approach does not work, they may choose to issue warnings. If those approaches fail, they will cite or arrest.

Of course, if flagrant and/or serious violations of law occur, law enforcement will react quickly and decisively.

Visitor or resident, if you have questions about what you can and cannot do in North Myrtle Beach feel free to approach any of our law enforcement personnel. They are there to help all have a safe and enjoyable time.


-- Grilling: In previous years, there have been some unfortunate incidents caused by improper grilling. Do not operate charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices on balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. Do not cook under tents unless the tent exhibits an affixed NFPA 701 flame-resistance rating. Tents and membrane structures in excess of 400 square feet require a permit.

-- No sky lanterns.
-- Possession and use of fireworks prohibited.


-- Non-Emergencies: call (843) 280-5511
-- Emergencies: call 911


-- Website:
-- Twitter: @cityofnmb
-- City TV: Channel 1303 Time Warner (Spectrum)
-- City TV: Channel 9 HTC
-- Email News Group: Send your email address to and receive news releases same time as news media.
-- Sign up for local emergency notifications by phone, email, text at