RESULTS: December 5 North Myrtle Beach City Council Meeting

North Myrtle Beach, SC – December 5, 2016 – During the regularly scheduled December 5 North Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, City Council tabled first reading of an ordinance to amend the Barefoot Resort Dye Club Planned Development District (PDD). Coastal Resort Holdings has requested a reconfiguration of Tract IMF-3 located in the Dye Club by changing the approved residential uses from detached to attached, increasing the approved density and creating a new parking lot and site design. City Council has scheduled a December 14, 2:00 p.m. public workshop at City Hall to discuss the proposed amendment to the PDD.

City Council tabled until its December 19 meeting second reading of an ordinance to amend the Bahama Island Planned Development District, also known as North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Drydock. An associated Development Agreement must be completed before second reading can occur.

City Council tabled first reading of an ordinance to rezone 9.33 acres of land located at the corner of Hillside Drive and 10th Avenue South from R-1 (Single Family Residential Low Density) to R-1B (Single Family Residential Low-Medium Density). With the exception of one lot with a single family home, the property is vacant and undeveloped as a remnant secondary dune. City Council will hold a January 4, 2:00 p.m. public workshop at City Hall to discuss the proposed rezoning.

City Council approved a motion to appoint Faye Chowning, Taylor Jones and Ron Nichols to the City’s Accommodations Tax Committee.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to rescind section 21-39 of the Code of Ordinances for the City entitled, “Pay and Display Parking.”
The City will no longer use the Pay and Display method of payment for City parking lots that require payment. In place of Pay and Display, those who want to park in City-owned parking lots that require payment would use an app called Passport Parking from a cellular telephone or a tablet to pay to park. For those who do not use a smart phone or tablet, Passport Parking also allows payment via standard cellular phone or payment through its website.

City parking lots requiring payment would be posted with signage informing users of the payment method, where they can download the app for free (Apple's App Store or Google Play), a web address for online payment, and a phone number to call if they do not have a smart phone or tablet. 

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to authorize the City Manager to establish paid parking lots and paid parking zones, and to establish the method of payment for the same.

The proposed ordinance authorizes the City Manager to establish certain City-owned parking lots, public street ends and parking areas within public rights of way as paid parking lots and/or parking zones. It also authorizes the City Manager to establish the method for payment of the posted parking fees via kiosks or meters, mobile phone apps, pay-by-internet or phone or any other method of payment that may be available.

When it comes to paid parking in general, the City of North Myrtle Beach has for several years had one Pay and Display parking lot on 4th Avenue South adjacent to a large resort accommodation. The City plans to turn two existing oceanfront public parking lots, one at 3rd Avenue North and one at 4th Avenue North, into paid parking lots. Also, after improvements have been made to an oceanfront public parking lot at 3rd Avenue South, it will become a paid parking lot.

The public parking lots at 3rd Avenue North and 4th Avenue North are often filled throughout the day with cars belonging to the employees and guests of an adjacent resort accommodation. While their parking preference is not illegal, it does make it necessary for residents and visitors not associated with the resort to park on the second row and lug their equipment to the beach. By introducing paid parking to the two oceanfront lots, the City hopes to motivate the resort’s employees and guests to use an existing free public parking lot on the second row on 4th Avenue North or to park in the resort’s own parking facility, freeing up the oceanfront spaces for other users.

The public parking lot at 3rd Avenue South, also adjacent to a large property, has experienced similar problems. Those same problems also motivated the City to establish paid parking at its 4th Avenue South parking lot several years ago.

The parking fee at each of the four paid parking lots would be $1 per hour.

In making these parking changes, the City is not embarking on the widespread introduction of paid parking throughout North Myrtle Beach but is using paid parking as a tool to resolve specific, limited issues.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to rescind the current language of code section 21-33 and to replace it with language authorizing the use of an immobilization device or boot on vehicles parked on public property that have been declared a public nuisance.

Vehicles found parked on any street or other public property, which are found to be the subject of

$75 or more past due on previous traffic or parking citations, will be declared to be a public nuisance. The owner of the vehicle will be required to pay all outstanding traffic and or parking citations prior to the release of the vehicle to the owner.

Cherry Grove Dredging Project Update

As of Mid-Day on Monday, November 28 (see attached map for channel locations) the status of the dredging of the channels in Cherry Grove is as follows:

Channel E:    Complete
Channel F:    Complete
Channel G:    Complete
Channel H:    Ongoing –  Over halfway down the canal.
Channel J:    Dredging started in canal entrance.
Channel L:    Complete

Minor Channel (Runs Perpendicular to the Lettered Canals):   Ongoing.

Dredging Schedule: Since we issued a two week schedule in early November, we have learned that issuing a per-channel dredging schedule is not a meaningful exercise. Either of the two dredges being used can encounter materials other than sand or mud, such as rocks, boards and other debris, during the dredging process. That throws off projected time frames. Also, not every channel has the same volume of material in it. In one channel it might be feasible to dredge from high tide through to low tide, while in another, work must stop at mid-tide. Additionally, the pipeline must be extended or retracted, depending on the locations of the dredges.

The Great Christmas Light Show in North Myrtle Beach

The Great Christmas Light Show is a park-wide lighted celebration that is sure to capture the true spirit of the season! The drive through light show will feature over 1.7 million lights festively displayed along a 1.5 mile drive throughout the North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex.

Over 400 magical light displays, some up to 50 feet long, have been custom made for The Great Christmas Light Show. Visitors will experience 14 enchanting animated figures and holiday scenes where the lights will come to life. After the journey through the light show, we invite everyone to park their car and visit Santa’s Village where they can enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores, get an up close look at the lights on the Santa Express Train Ride, ice skate, experience the Go Ape lighted tree top adventure, and, of course, meet Santa!

Hours & Admission Gates open 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm November 25 – December 10: Thursday, Friday and Saturday December 15-30: Every Night (Closed on Christmas Day December 25) 1-15 guests: $15 per vehicle 16-30 guests: $30 per vehicle 31+ guests: $60 per vehicle (call 843-280-5570 to schedule buses)

Santa’s Village Park your car and walk over to Santa’s Village where you’ll find… · Visits with Santa – FREE! Don’t forget your camera! · Petting Zoo - FREE · Ice Skating –A festive activity for all. $5 for 30 minutes (includes skates.) · Village Treats – Hot Chocolate and s’mores! Bar B Que and Hot dogs with sides · Santa Express Train Ride – Hop aboard and get an up close look at the lights! Tickets are $2 per person. Children 2 & under may ride for free if sitting in the lap of an adult. · Go Ape Lighted Adventure – A 10-15 minute mini treetop experience with a zip line overlooking Santa’s Village. $10 for 1 loop and zip line or $15 for 2 loops and 2 zip lines.

Follow The Great Christmas Light Show on Facebook

Work Begins on Ocean Boulevard Underground Power Conversion & Utilities Project in the Crescent Beach Section of North Myrtle Beach

The City of North Myrtle Beach has contracted with R.H. Moore Company, Inc. to perform the Ocean Boulevard Underground Power Conversion & Utilities Project in the Crescent Beach section of North Myrtle Beach between 15th Avenue South and 28th Avenue South. The work begins the week of November 28 and will occur in phases over several years.

The project includes placing overhead power and communications utilities underground, and installing water and sewer system upgrades. The cost of the power and communications utilities conversion is about $7.3 million, and the cost of the water and sewer improvements is about $3.5 million.

The first phase on Ocean Boulevard, will start this week at 21st Avenue South and progress south. The work will occur during the winter and spring. The contractor will then demobilize for the summer of 2017 and return to work in September 2017, continuing at 21st Avenue South and progress north to 15th Avenue South.

As the work proceeds, Ocean Boulevard will be closed in two block increments, with Perrin Drive being used to detour traffic around the work zone. The contractor will maintain access to all properties fronting Ocean Boulevard.

Also, the City of North Myrtle Beach will take bids for widening and roadway improvements to Ocean Boulevard during the spring of 2017. The project will widen Ocean Boulevard from 17th Avenue South to 28th Avenue South from two lanes to three lanes, including sidewalk installation, intermittent landscape medians, and drainage improvements.  Construction on the improvements is scheduled to begin in September 2017 on the section of Ocean Boulevard between 21st Avenue South and 28th Avenue South. The roadwork contractor will demobilize for the summer of 2018 and return in September 2018 to complete the section between 21st Avenue South and 15th Avenue South. The total project cost of $4,500,000 is funded by SCDOT through GSATS, with design and right-of-way cost about $1 million and construction cost currently estimated at $3.5 million.

City Partners with HomeServe USA to Offer Optional Service Plan for its Water & Sewer Customers

The city of North Myrtle Beach is providing a new optional service program to its water and sewer customers through a partnership with HomeServe USA. 

The city has found that many of its customers become frustrated when they discover a leaking water service line on their side of the property line and then learn that it is their responsibility as the homeowner to fix this this piping.  These repairs can be costly, and the unexpected expense of repairing a service line can be a blow to a homeowner’s budget.  One way to address this need is to offer an optional service program that would protect homeowners from the cost and inconvenience of repairs.

The city has selected HomeServe as a provider of residential service line protection due to their track record of providing quality service to homeowners around the country and here in South Carolina, where HomeServe has also been approved to provide their services by the Charleston Water System, the City of Columbia, the Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority, and Darlington County Water & Sewer Authority, among others.

Homeowners who purchase one of the optional HomeServe service plans will receive financial protection against repair costs and facilitated repairs using local area licensed and approved contractors.

Examples of services offered by HomeServe include:  

External Water Service Line Coverage

As a home ages, so does the exterior water service line that brings fresh water to the house. If this line fails, repair or replacement can be expensive and most basic homeowners insurance doesn't cover repairs to the line on your property. There's no way to prevent a water service line emergency, but homeowners can be prepared with affordable Exterior Water Service Line Coverage.

The city and HomeServe have worked together to create this program and associated educational materials to ensure the program meets the needs of North Myrtle Beach homeowners. 

Interior Plumbing & Drainage System Coverage

There is a complex plumbing system inside a home. Drains can get blocked or clogged by sediment or grease, toilets can overflow and water pipes can leak. When an unexpected plumbing repair is needed, homeowners need qualified help before water damage occurs. Keep your pipes drained and not your bank account with affordable Interior Plumbing and Drainage System Coverage

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage

The buried sewer/septic line on one’s property that carries waste away from the home can age, crack or leak due to simple wear and tear, tree roots or shifting ground. This line can also get blocked and cause waste water to backup into a home. Get protection from time-consuming and expensive repair costs with Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage and keep what's underground covered.

The cost of the service program is borne entirely by HomeServe, and the city will not incur any expense related to this program.

Shortly, North Myrtle Beach homeowners will receive information in the mail about this new program.

More information about the program is also available on a website established by HomeServe:    

Get Ready for Small Business Saturday on Nov 26

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City of NMB Thanksgiving Holiday Work Schedule

  • City Hall Closed November 24 and November 25.
  • J. Bryan Floyd Community Center Closed November 24 and November 25.
  • NMB Aquatic & Fitness Center Closed November 24.
  • Sanitation Schedule – No Service November 24. All November 24 customers will be serviced November 25.
  • Public Safety – Regular Schedule.

A Veteran’s Day Service will be held November 11 at 11:00 a.m. at the North Myrtle Beach Veterans Plaza

A Veteran’s Day Service will be held November 11 at 11:00 a.m. at the North Myrtle Beach Veterans Plaza located at the North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex. Hosted by American Legion Post 186 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10804, the service features:

  •  Ride In by Legion Riders/Rolling Thunder
  • Posting of Colors by the NMB JROTC
  • National Anthem - Marlisa Dillon Small
  • Opening Prayer - Bill Stewart A.L. Post 186
  • Raising of Service Flags - V.F.W. members
  • Opening Remarks - Commander Jerry Groenke
  • Guest Speaker - SC Senator Greg Hembree
  • American Legion Speakers - Chris McCreary Auxiliary and Carl McAlister Sons of the American Legion
  • A Quilt of Valor Presentation - NMB City Councilman Robert Cavanaugh
  • Presentation of Wreaths:
    - Red (Strength) -  Debbie Hartleroad (V.F.W. Auxiliary President) and Chris McCreary (A.L. Auxiliary President)
    - White (Purity) - Dennis Benson (V.F.W. Auxiliary President) and Mark Cannito (Past A.L. S.A.L. Detachment Commander)
    - Blue (Eternity) – Walter Duncan (V.F.W. Sr. Vice Commander) and Molly Maguire (A.L. 1st Vice Commander)
    - Amazing Grace - Marlisa Dillon Small, accompanied by NMB Middle School Band
    - Flag Ceremony – Commander Jerry Groenke A.L. and Commander Don Collins V.F.W.
    - Rifle Salute – A.L. Honor Guard with Taps by the NMB Middle School Band
    - America the Beautiful -  Marlisa Dillion Small
    - Closing Remarks – Commander Jerry Groenke A.L.
    - Closing Prayer – Joe Ruissi, V.F.W.
    - Lunch to be served following.

RESULTS: November 7 City Council Meeting

North Myrtle Beach, SC – November 7, 2016 – During the regularly scheduled November 7 North Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, Sandhills Bank Retail Banking Officer Gretchen Floyd presented the city with a check in the amount of $1,525.00 for use in the city’s Shop with a Cop program. Managed by the public safety department, Shop with a Cop provides lunch and Christmas presents to dozens of children in need. The children are recommended for the program by guidance counselors in area schools. The funds were raised as part of Sandhills Bank’s sponsorship of the annual Mayfest on Main Festival. During the festival, bank employees collect donations for the Shop with a Cop program from festival-goers.

City Council adopted a Resolution approving a two-year memorandum of understanding between the cities of North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach regarding the provision of mutual aid to one another for public safety purposes.

City Council adopted a Resolution appointing two citizens, Edith Phillips and Bruce Young, to the board of trustees of the Fireman’s Insurance & Inspection Fund. The fund is used to purchase non-essential items used by the city’s firefighters and as a supplemental retirement fund for the firefighters. The board of trustees also includes Firefighter/EMT David Macho (chairman), Fire Chief Garry Spain, and Finance Director Randy Wright.

City Council passed a motion to reappoint Ron Bruce and Mary Lee (Dee) Meyers to the North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to move a five-foot wide, 107-foot long second row public beach access located at 1014 South Ocean Boulevard 25 feet to the south in order to enable the property owner to maximize the amount of usable square footage on their property. The relocation would not violate the city’s public beach access relocation policy. Following the relocation, the closest public beach access would be 125 feet away. Additionally, relocating the second row walkway would better align it with an existing oceanfront public beach access.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to rezone 0.69 acres from R-2 (Medium Density Residential) to BC (Business Commercial). The property is located in the 400 block of Main Street and consists of one-half of the underwater lands of an existing body of water. The adjacent upland property is zoned BC. Rezoning would have no bearing on whether the body of water could be altered or filled, since it rests with state and federal agencies to determine whether the body of water is a jurisdictional wetland. City Councilman Hank Thomas recused himself from the discussion and the vote pertaining to the proposed ordinance because he owns the property.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to annex 0.20 acres of land within the city’s Hillside storm water drainage project. The city acquired the property in order to construct a large storm water retention pond to help mitigate downstream flooding. The petition includes a request for R-2 (Medium Density Residential) zoning.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to annex 4.43 acres of land within the city’s Hillside storm water drainage project. The city acquired the property in order to construct a large storm water retention pond to help mitigate downstream flooding. The petition includes a request for R-2 (Medium Density Residential) zoning.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to annex about 167 acres. The property is vacant and located adjacent to Watertower Road. The annexation petition includes a zoning request of NC (Neighborhood Commercial) and R-2A (Mid-Rise Multifamily Residential). Zoning districts around the property are R-2A and BC (Business Commercial).

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to amend the Zoning Ordinance Text, Section 23-106, pertaining to measurement of, and exceptions to, height. Current regulations allow exceptions to height limitations, regardless of zoning district, for chimneys, church spires, water tanks or necessary mechanical features not occupying more than 15 percent of the roof area. Planning department staff proposes to add parapet walls typically used to screen mechanical equipment to the list of exceptions. The city’s planning commission conducted an October 18 public hearing on the proposed change.

City Council passed first reading of an ordinance to lease space to Mobilitie, LLC on buildings, facilities, and real property owned by the city for the placement of small cell communications equipment.

Shown Left to Right in Photo: Mayor Marilyn Hatley, Sandhills Bank Retail Banking Officer Gretchen Floyd, Public Safety Director Jay Fernandez.

NMB Tree City Board Announces November Tree of the Month Award

The North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board has presented its Tree of the Month Award for November to Jean Clarke and Ken Hudspeth for the care and maintenance of a twisted Pine Tree located in their backyard. The tree is estimated to be more than 80 years old.

Not much is known about how the pine came by its twisted top but Ken Hudspeth, who, the reader should be warned, is known for spinning a good yarn, offers this perspective.

During the 1950s, the property on which the tree now stands was part of a farm. When Hurricane Hazel passed through North Myrtle Beach, it wreaked havoc on trees and structures alike. When the storm had passed, the owner of the farm went out to survey the damage on his land and found a strange situation. The pine tree had not broken during the hurricane but its top was twisted. On one of its twisted limbs, the farmer saw a cat.

After several attempts to get it down, he was successful. Looking up again, he saw a cow straddling one of the twisted branches, ostensibly tossed there by the storm’s high winds. It was a huge undertaking, but the farmer managed to get the cow out of the tree. As he turned to walk away after having saved the cow, he heard a clanging sound. Turning back around, he looked up into the twisted pine and saw a cow bell hanging by its leather strap from one of the twisted limbs. For several years, the cow bell ringing in the wind drew attention to the twisted pine tree. After several years, the leather strap to which the bell was attached disintegrated, and the bell fell to the ground. No one really looked up to notice the twisted pine after that, and so it was left alone to grow into the unique tree that it is today.

The Cherry Grove Dredging Project is underway

Today, one dredge (see photo) is working near the "E" Canal, located between 42nd and 43rd Avenues North, and another is several blocks down and currently working in the Minor Channel.

The dredged material flows through a pipeline that winds along the southern edge of the marsh, on to land, under Little River Road, and ultimately winds up in a huge spoils basin where it will dewater over time and then be moved to a final resting place.

The current plan calls for dredging from 7am-7pm daily. This could change if circumstances develop that require a longer working schedule.

6th Annual Shop with a Cop Charity Golf Tournament December 9 on the Love Course at Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach

The 6th Annual Shop with a Cop Charity Golf Tournament will be held December 9 on the Love Course at Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach. The registration deadline is December 2.

Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Shop with a Cop program, managed by the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department. Shop with a Cop is a Christmas program for children in need at North Myrtle Beach Primary, Elementary, and Intermediate Schools. Guidance Counselors at each school choose children to receive the benefits of this program. The children enjoy lunch and are given a $100 Wal-Mart gift card. North Myrtle Beach police officers and volunteers then help guide the children as they purchase presents and some necessity items, such as winter coats. The goal is to raise enough money to provide an unforgettable Christmas for 100 children in need in the North Myrtle Beach community.

The tournament is a four-person Captain’s Choice event with an 11:00 a.m. shotgun start. (Only one golf professional is allowed per team.)

Tournament fees are $60 per player, $240 per team. Players may register individually or as a team. The tournament fee includes entry in the $10,000 Hole-in-One competition, green fees, cart, range balls, non-alcoholic beverages, continental breakfast, and lunch.

Registration forms are available at the J. Bryan Floyd Community Center and Barefoot Resort & Golf or via this link. A registration form is also attached to this email.

Make checks payable to: City of North Myrtle Beach. Return registration forms to: J. Bryan Floyd Community Center, 1030 Possum Trot Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.

For more information contact the North Myrtle Beach Parks and Recreation Department at (843) 280-5584.

"The Great Christmas Light Show" Comes to North Myrtle Beach

The North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex will be home to The Great Christmas Light Show. Opening to the public on Friday, November 25, the drive-through light show will feature almost two million lights festively displayed along a 1.5 mile drive throughout the Park & Sports Complex. More than 400 "magical light displays", some up to 70 feet tall, have been custom made for The Great Christmas Light Show. Visitors will experience 14 "enchanting animated figures" and holiday scenes where the lights will come to life.

After traveling through the light show, everyone is invited to park their cars and visit Santa’s Village where they can enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores, get close look at the lights on the Santa Express Train Ride, enjoy ice skating, experience the Go Ape lighted tree top adventure, and, of course, meet Santa!

The Great Christmas Light Show opens November 25 and continues Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until December 10. Starting December 15, the attraction will be open nightly until December 30. Gates open at 5:30 pm.

The Great Christmas Light Show will not be open on December 25, Christmas Day, so that everyone can enjoy Christmas with their families.

Admission is $15.00 per vehicle for 1-15 guests; $30.00 for 16 - 30 guests; $60 for 31+ guests. Admission includes visits to Santa’s Village.

There will be an additional minimal fee for ice skating, train rides, the Go Ape Lighted Tree Top adventure, and concessions.

For more information please visit or call 843-281-3805.

City of North Myrtle Beach Storm Debris Collection Update

City crews have completed yard debris pickup for all state and city public roads in Barefoot Resort and Windy Hill section.

City crews are using four trucks to continue working the west side of Hwy 17 and are currently in the Belle Park area. The city trucks are scheduled to begin moving out of Belle Park late Friday and will continue north, working the west side of Hwy 17. The city crews will be directed to the Palmetto Shores/Grove Section of Cherry Grove once they have completed the Sunset Harbor section.

The federally approved contractor has four trucks working in the city. For yard debris, there are two trucks working on the east side of Hwy 17 in Crescent Beach section and one truck in the Ocean Drive section between 20th Ave North and Sea Mountain Highway on east side of Hwy 17. The fourth truck is handling construction and demolition (C&D) debris in the area between 20th Ave North and Sea Mountain Highway on the east side of Highway 17. The contractor may add a fifth truck in the next few days to assist with C&D.

The City has contacted the contractor about adding more trucks to begin collection of debris from private roads. The contractor has told the City that it will take a couple of days to have any new trucks brought in. The availability of trucks is getting quite thin as other areas affected by the hurricane and flooding also vie for trucks for their debris pickup needs.

FEMA has approved collection of debris from private roadways, provided their HOAs sign a FEMA Right of Entry/Hold Harmless form, which must then be reviewed and approved by FEMA. Additionally, the contractor cannot mix debris that is picked up from private roads with debris that is picked up from public roads. Each must be collected separately, delivered to the approved landfill site separately and logged separately.

General Election Scheduled for November 8

Conway, South Carolina – The Horry County Registration & Elections Office reminds citizens that the General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8.

The last day to vote absentee in the Horry County Registration and Elections Office is Monday, November 7, and the office will also open on Saturday, November 5, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for absentee voting as well. The Horry County Registration and Elections Office is located at 1515 4th Avenue in Conway. (Absentee voting requirements are listed below.) Keep in mind that there is no EARLY voting in South Carolina.

Voters are encourage to review their voter registration information to confirm any changes prior to the upcoming General Election by going to under the “Voters” tab on the left.  Also, voters unsure of their voting location should contact their county voter registration office at (843) 915-5440 or log onto the State Election Commission website at

Voters can now go on and pull up their own personal sample ballots.

1) Visit and click on "Get My Sample Ballot" in the My scVOTES section on the   right side of the page.
  2) Enter your county, name, and date of birth to access your voter
     registration record.
  3) Click "View Sample Ballot."

Polls will open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and registered voters waiting in line at 7 p.m. will still be allowed to vote. Registered voters will be required to show any one of five forms of identification in order to vote. Voters must show a voter’s registration card with a picture, driver’s license, a picture ID issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles, any military ID or passport. All forms of identification must be current.

Curbside voting is also available for any voter, because of a physical handicap or aged 65 or older who cannot enter the polling place may vote outside of the polling place in their car.

Unofficial results from the election will be posted on Horry County’s website at immediately after the results are tallied. The results will be on the county’s homepage and will be updated every five minutes. In order to receive the latest information, users will need to hit their “Refresh” or “Reload” button. The polls will close at 7 p.m. and the results will then be tallied. Also, Horry County will open the Horry County Government & Justice Center multi-purpose rooms the evening of November 8, 2016, for public viewing of the results as they come in throughout the evening. Keep in mind that the polls close at 7 p.m.

Persons qualified to vote by absentee ballot:
  • Persons who will be on vacation outside their county of residence on Election Day
  • Members of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marine, and their spouses and dependents residing with them
  • Persons who, for reasons of employment, will not be able to vote on Election Day
  • Physically disabled persons
  • Persons sixty-five (65) years of age or older
  • Persons serving as a juror in state or federal court on Election Day
  • Persons admitted to the hospital as emergency patients on day of election or within a four-day period before the election
  • Persons with a death or funeral in the family within three days before the election
  • Persons confined to a jail or pre-trial facility pending disposition of arrest or trial
  • Persons attending to sick or physically disabled persons
  • Certified poll watchers, poll managers, and county election officials working on Election Day

Procedures for voting by absentee ballot:
Qualified voters may vote absentee in person or by mail.
In Person - Visit your county voter registration office and cast your ballot.  You may vote absentee in person up until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2016. (Horry County Registrations and Elections Office is located at 1515 4th Avenue in Conway.)
By MailIf you requested an absentee ballot to be mailed to your home, you can either return it by mail, or return your absentee ballot to your county voter registration office by 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election. 

City of North Myrtle Beach Hurricane Recovery Update

As of October 28 the City can record the following progress in post-hurricane cleanup:

1.       Ultimately, two collection passes will be made to pick up “vegetative/woody debris” (yard waste) and “construction/demolition debris” (C&D debris).

2.       First pass pickup of yard waste by City crews from public roads in Barefoot Resort began October 24 and has been completed.

3.       First pass pickup of yard waste by City crews from public roads in Windy Hill will be completed on October 29.

4.       First pass pickup of C&D debris in Cherry Grove Beach began October 25 and is ongoing. (The City has hired the private disaster response contractor Phillips & Jordan to assist in debris collection.)

5.       First pass pickup of yard waste debris by City crews in Crescent Beach between Highway 17 and the airport area (Timber Ridge, Airport, Pinewood Acres) begins October 31.

6.       First pass pickup of C&D debris by City crews from public roads in Windy Hill/Barefoot Resort begins October 31.

7.       Once crews have completed the first pass pickup in a collection zone, it may be several weeks before collection resumes in that area if additional debris is placed at the roadside.

8.       Pickup of yard debris, and C&D debris, by our federally approved contactor Phillips & Jordan is not allowed in gated neighborhoods with private roads. However, the City has been working through the SC Emergency Management Division and FEMA to seek a waiver of this restriction. State and federal representatives toured private roads on October 28 to assess the amount of debris located there.

9.       As the yard waste debris and C&D debris collection processes move forward, we will identify the next locations to be picked up by City crews and the City’s contractor, Phillips & Jordan.

10.   City crews have cleared an abundance of fallen trees and other debris from public parks, and all parks are open to the public on normal schedules.

11.   City personnel have assessed 189 out of 196 dune walkover structures on the beach for hurricane related damage and assessment work will be completed November 1. The damage information will then be submitted to FEMA in hopes that the City may receive some funding assistance in rebuilding the damaged structures.

12.   During the hurricane and since its passing, City officials worked to provide the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with photos of dune and beach-sand losses. Immediately following the hurricane, measurements were also taken of the beach face and submitted to the Corps. The City is also working in unison with other Horry County jurisdictions to seek emergency beach renourishment funding, and, barring that occurrence, to make every effort to ensure that funding is included in the federal budget for the regularly scheduled 2018 10-year Grand Strand-wide beach renourishment project.

13.   City Messaging— Prior to, during and following the storm, the City issued many advisories, assessments and work updates to its property owners, businesses and the general public via social media, email news groups, websites, etc. Appropriate versions of these messages were also provided by the North Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to its many audiences, including businesses, and traditional and prospective vacationers. 

1.       City information outlets:
4.       Email News Group: Join for free and receive the same news releases that are sent to the news media. Send your email address to Public Information Officer Pat Dowling at

Post-Hurricane Chamber of Commerce Messaging – “The Coast is Clear”— Following the hurricane, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce launched a “The Coast is Clear” tourism marketing campaign for North Myrtle Beach primarily through social media with a mix of messaging and paid ads. Mindful of some initial safety concerns in portions of the city, and the initial lack of electricity in sections of the city, the Chamber’s campaign did not over-promise but reminded traditional and prospective vacationers in key markets that North Myrtle Beach was safe, beautiful, open for business, and quickly recovering. 

Howl-O-Scream Saturday, October 29 At Nmb Park & Sports Complex

North Myrtle Beach, SC – October 27, 2016 – You are invited to Howl-O-Scream Saturday, October 29 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex.
This is a safe, fun Halloween event for young children and their families. Activities include hayrides, games, entertainment, concessions, marshmallow roasting, face painting, trick-or-treating and more.
Scare-Free and Scare Zones offer a variety of excitement levels that are sure to satisfy all.
Cost of admission is $5 per vehicle.
The rain date for this event is Sunday, October 30.
The event is hosted by North Myrtle Beach Parks & Recreation Department and Coastal Carolina University’s Recreation and Sport Management Department.
For weather information and updates, call the Rec Check Line at (843) 280-5594 ext. 3.

SCEMD/FEMA Private Sector Advisory Hurricane Matthew (DR-4286-SC)

October 27, 2016
DR-4286 Hurricane Matthew
Private Sector Advisory # 01
FEMA Private Sector POC: Chad McCormick
SCEMD Private Sector: David Perry

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) encourage all of our Private Sector partners to share the following disaster recovery information with your membership, employees, families and friends who were impacted and sustained damages by Hurricane Matthew that occurred October 4 and continuing. 

South Carolina Survivors Urged to Register for Disaster Assistance
Homeowners and renters in three more South Carolina counties – Berkeley, Charleston and Chesterfield – are now eligible to receive Individual Assistance from FEMA to help them recover from flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew.
Individual Assistance is also available to homeowners and renters in these 21 counties: Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Beaufort, Calhoun, Clarendon, Colleton, Darlington, Dillon, Dorchester, Florence, Georgetown, Hampton, Horry, Jasper, Lee, Marion, Marlboro, Orangeburg, Sumter and Williamsburg
Assistance can include money for temporary rental assistance and essential home repairs for primary homes, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses and other programs to help survivors recover from the effects of the disaster.

Survivors can register online at or by calling 800-621-3362. Disaster assistance applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing should call 800-462-7585 (TTY); those who use Video Relay Service may call 800-621-3362. The toll-free numbers are open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. Multilingual operators are available.
For additional information, please visit FEMA new release.
What to Expect After You Apply for Disaster Assistance

Registering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the first step to getting federal disaster assistance. FEMA will ask you to provide information about the property damage you sustained from Hurricane Matthew, proof of your identity and residency, insurance and other documentation to help determine your eligibility.
For additional information, please see “What to expect after South Carolina survivors call FEMA

SBA Opens Business Recovery Center in South Carolina
SBA representatives at the Center can provide information about disaster loans, answer questions and provide help in completing the SBA application.  The Center is located as indicated below and will operate until further notice:
Beaufort County
Hilton Head-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
1 Chamber of Commerce Drive
Hilton Head, SC 29928
Days: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sat 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Closed: Sundays
Florence County
Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce
100 West Evans Street
Florence, SC 29501
Opens: Friday, Oct. 28 @ 11 a.m.
Days: Mon-Thur. 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday’s 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Closed: Saturdays & Sundays
Orangeburg County
Small Business Development Center
S.C State University Belcher Hall (Suite 353)
300 College Street NE
Orangeburg, SC 29117
Days: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed: Saturdays & Sundays
For additional information regarding SBA Business Recovery Centers (BRC’s), please visit news release.
Additional Information:
For more information on the State of South Carolina Hurricane Matthew recovery, go to or visit the S.C Emergency Management Division site at
Also, we encourage all those with smartphone access to please visit your mobile app store and download the free FEMA App.  The FEMA App can provide you with information on preparedness, weather alerts along with shelter locations (Red Cross) or available Disaster Recovery Centers (FEMA DRC’s) DRC Locator.

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.
All FEMA disaster assistance will be provided without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex (including sexual harassment), religion, national origin, age, disability, limited English proficiency, economic status, or retaliation. If you believe your civil rights are being violated, call 800-621-3362 or 800-462-7585(TTY/TDD).

The SBA is the federal government’s primary source of money for the long-term rebuilding of disaster-damaged private property. SBA helps businesses of all sizes, private non-profit organizations, homeowners and renters fund repairs or rebuilding efforts and cover the cost of replacing lost or disaster-damaged personal property. These disaster loans cover losses not fully compensated by insurance or other recoveries and do not duplicate benefits of other agencies or organizations. For more information, applicants may contact SBA’s Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center by calling 800-659-2955, emailing, or visiting SBA’s website at Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals may call 800-877-8339.