City of North Myrtle Beach to begin spraying for mosquitoes one month earlier than usual

The City of North Myrtle Beach usually begins spraying for mosquitoes in mid-May but will begin spraying about one month earlier this year due to expectations for a larger than normal mosquito population. Record rainfall and flooding have left the ground saturated, presenting a perfect scenario for breeding mosquitoes. Spraying for mosquitoes normally continues through mid-September but can vary by a few weeks in either direction, depending on the weather.

The City sprays Malathion weekly using ultra-low volume foggers that are professionally calibrated and certified to meet EPA requirements. Please refer to this EPA website for common facts about Malathion:
The City sprays for one hour (30 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset) on the following fixed schedule:
  •  Tuesday Evening: Windy Hill, Timber Ridge subdivision, Airport Blvd. Area, Pinewood Acres subdivision and Barefoot Resort development
  •  Wednesday Morning: 28th S to 15th S , Barefoot Landing, Commons Blvd., and City ball fields
  •  Wednesday Evening: 15th Ave. South to 18th Ave. North, Vereen's Marina (13th Avenue North), Waterway Mobile Home Park, Belle Park, Robbers Roost and Sea Side Plantation
  •   Thursday Evening: 18th Ave. North to Little River Neck Rd., Creekside, Myrtle Beach RV, Foxfire Village, Tidewater and Charleston Landing.
Take steps to reduce breeding opportunities on your property

Property owners can take steps to eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes:
  • Drain, fill, or eliminate sites that have standing water.
  • Empty or throw away containers that have standing water. Even a small bottle cap filled with water can serve as a breeding ground for hundreds of mosquitoes.
  • Make sure gutters are free of debris
Keep mosquitoes outside:
  • Use air conditioning or make sure that you repair and use window and door screens.
Avoid Mosquitoes:
  •  Most mosquito species bite during dawn, dusk, twilight hours, and night. Some species bite during the day, especially in wooded or other shaded areas. Do what you can to avoid exposure.
  • When weather permits, wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants.
Wear insect repellent:
  • Insect repellant is safe when used as directed. Insect repellent is the best way to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

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