Cherry Grove Dredging Project Update

The two dredges to be used in the Cherry Grove Dredging Project should arrive in North Myrtle Beach at some point on Friday, October 21.

As a precautionary measure, the South Carolina Department of Transportation had stopped the trucks carrying the dredges at the South Carolina/Georgia border in order to first ensure that roads and bridges could handle the load following the flooding that impacted roadways in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The trucks were released for transport today.

Much of the pipeline that will be used to transport dredged material to the spoils basin has been put together (attached photo).

A large crane (attached photo) will be used to launch the dredges and small barges carrying large booster pumps (attached photo). 

Depending on schedule availability of the crane operator, the dredges and booster pumps will be launched Friday and Saturday, or Friday and Monday.  

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