Mayor Marilyn Hatley Proclaims October 22-28 General Federation of Women's Club Advocates for Children's Week in North Myrtle Beach

During the October 16 North Myrtle Beach City Council meeting, Mayor Marilyn Hatley presented a Proclamation naming October 22-28 as General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) Advocates for Children Week in North Myrtle Beach.

In her Proclamation, Mayor Hatley said that the GFWC is dedicated to strengthening communities and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service and has been advocating for the health and well-being of children since the early 1900s, paving the way for the implementation of improved child labor and juvenile court laws.

The Mayor said that GFWC members actively educate, advocate, and engage in projects concerning the well-being of children through health, social, and safety programs. They work to protect children from harmful situations, and encourage healthy physical and emotional lifestyles.

Mayor Hatley said that the GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman's Club honors “unity in diversity” by working toward community improvement through volunteer service projects and contributions through fundraising activities.

The GFWC North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club mission enhances the lives of others in the North Myrtle Beach community and surrounding areas, advocating for children by supporting Tools for Schools, the Children's Recovery Center, the Autism Foundation and the USO United through Reading Program.

The accompanying photo shows Mayor Marilyn Hatley (second from left) and representatives of the North Myrtle Beach Woman's Club.

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