North Myrtle Beach Election Commission Certifies March 6 Tourism Development Fee Referendum Vote Count

The North Myrtle Beach Election Commission met at North Myrtle Beach City Hall on March 8 at 10:00 a.m. to certify the March 6 Tourism Development Fee referendum vote.

The certified referendum vote count is 188 "YES" votes and 3052 "NO" votes.

The number of "NO" votes increased by two over the March 6 count.

The Election Commission approved two ballots withheld from the March 6 vote count pending review on March 8.

One voter did not have photographic identification on their person at the time of voting due to having misplaced their driver’s license. The voter later provided the required photographic proof and their ballot was reviewed and approved on March 8.

Another voter acquired an absentee ballot to fill out but did not complete or submit the absentee ballot. When they went to vote at their polling place, information showed they had signed up for an absentee ballot. The voter gave the uncompleted absentee ballot to the polling manager and voted by machine, pending review by the Commission on March 8.

The accompanying chart shows the vote as tallied per voting precinct: "ABS"=Absentee, "Failsafe"=The two reviewed and approved ballots, "CB"=Crescent Beach, "CG"=Cherry Grove, "OD"=Ocean Drive, "WH"=Windy Hill.

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