City of North Myrtle Beach Update - September 17

-- Hurricane debris pickup continues at a good pace. Public works is operating 3 knuckle-boom loaders and thus far has taken 9 loads of debris to the City transfer station and 17 tons of debris to the landfill. Crews will keep on working until the debris is gone.

-- Homeowners and others be aware-- if you hire tree companies or others to help you with your debris, they must have a City business license, they must remove the debris from your property and they must dispose of it properly. The city only picks up debris from curbside that property owners have generated.

-- Other sanitation services are being provided on their normal schedule this week

-- Under "normal" post-hurricane conditions, the majority of people who evacuate tend to return en masse to the city, making debris collection a one or two-time exercise. This time around, however, people will be returning in "waves" over an extended period of time, and when they get home they will be moving their hurricane debris to the edge of the road for the City to pick up. They may also be throwing out the spoiled contents of their freezers and refrigerators from when the power was out. The City is aware of this and will be servicing both sides of the equation until all are back and the work is complete.

-- As you are returning to Horry County and North Myrtle Beach, be aware that as this week progresses, river flooding in various parts of Horry County will continue to build. This may slow or in some case halt progress to the North Myrtle Beach (which is not flooded).

-- City Council and City management continue to work on the logistics for Hurricane Florence recovery. The goal is to work the recovery side hard, and to also work to continue to provide normal activities for those who are back, including normal operation of recreational facilities. There are times when this may be a double-edged sword with respect to person-power but good scheduling and willing employees have made the difference so far.

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