Hurricane Michael Update October 9, 2018

From the City of North Myrtle Beach

Hurricane Michael is currently forecast to make landfall as a major hurricane in Florida on Wednesday, then move quickly through our area on Thursday.

-- Rainfall amounts expected to average 2 to 4 inches

-- There is a risk for fast-developing tornadoes

-- Tropical storm force winds expected to begin Thursday morning

-- Sustained winds of 25 to 45 MPH are possible

-- Wind gusts could range from 35 to 60 mph


-- The risk for impacts from Michael continues to increase across the Carolinas, especially during Thursday.

-- The ground remains saturated in many areas from Hurricane Florence’s rainfall, and any heavy rainfall from Michael may quickly lead to additional flooding.

-- If your home or business suffered roof damage as a result of Hurricane Florence and it has not been repaired, secure tarps for tropical storm force winds and heavy rainfall.

-- Since the ground is still saturated in many areas, it will not take as much wind to topple weakened trees, which may lead to additional damage and cause power outages.

-- Coastal flooding is expected, especially with each high tide. The highest risk for storm surge will occur Thursday. Vulnerable low spots along the beach or locations where the shoreline was weakened from Florence are at the greatest risk of flooding.


-- Secure or bring inside any outside items that could become projectiles in tropical storm force winds.

-- Continue to monitor this storm. Like Hurricane Matthew, we will be on the "bad" or "mean" side of Hurricane Michael when it passes through. When that occurs, even a moderate storm can cause a surprising amount of damage.

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