North Myrtle Beach Tree of the Month for May 2019

The North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board has selected a tulip poplar located on a lot owned by Mrs. Connie Gardner Knotts at 22nd Avenue South and Hillside Drive as Tree of the Month for May. The tree is about 40 years old. 

Tulip poplar is one of the tallest Native American hardwoods. Early North American explorers were impressed with the size of the tulip poplars discovered in the New World and used the tree to create long, straight logs to build cabins.

Samples of tulip poplar went to Europe for cultivation and today it is one of the most popular American trees grown in France and England.

After the Civil War, railroads accessed southern Appalachia and massive logging of tulip poplar ensued. The wood goes into furniture, flooring, general construction, plywood, and paper pulp.

Native Americans used tulip poplar to make dugout canoes and called it canoe tree.
Property owners and developers interested in finding out how they can preserve trees on their property may contact the North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board at

The Tree of the Month program began in 2010 as a way to recognize preserved trees in the city. It also provides a platform to remind people of the benefits and importance that trees offer in our everyday lives.

If you have a tree you would like to be considered for Tree of the Month, contact Parks & Grounds Superintendent Jim Grainger at (843) 280-5571 or via email at

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