Jeanette Lyon Appointed to North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board

Jeanette Lyon (fourth from left in accompanying photo) was appointed by City Council to serve a four-year term on the North Myrtle Beach Tree City Board. We thank her for her service!

The Tree City Board meets quarterly, although special meetings may also be held.

The Tree City Board advises the City in all tree related matters; serves as a source of information about proper tree maintenance techniques and community tree management policies; make recommendations for public tree establishment, maintenance, protection and removal; provides input to the public grounds superintendent for the development of an annual work plan and long-range planning; reviews the City’s tree ordinance, tree planting master plan, and recommends changes to the same at least every two years; promotes and supports the Tree City USA program; and undertakes other responsibilities as City Council may direct.

Property owners and developers who are interested in finding out more about how they can preserve trees on their property are invited to contact the Tree City Board at

The Tree City Board developed and manages the Tree of the Month program, which began in 2010 as a way to recognize trees within the city that have been preserved over the years. The Tree of the Month program also provides a platform to remind people of the benefits and importance that trees offer in our everyday lives.

If you think you have the biggest, best-looking, or most unusual tree in North Myrtle Beach, or your tree has a unique story attached to it, the Tree City Board encourages you to contact Parks & Grounds Superintendent Jim Grainger at (843) 280-5571 or via email at

LEFT TO RIGHT IN THE ACCOMPANYING PHOTO: Tree City Board members Caroline Driggers, John Sloop, Dee Myers, Jeanette Lyon, and Chairman Tom Walker.

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