South Carolina Severe Weather Preparedness Week March 8-14

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) and the National Weather Service jointly sponsor this week to remind you that severe storms, tornadoes, and flash floods are significant hazards in South Carolina and people need to take proper safety precautions.

SCEMD and the National Weather Service are promoting awareness of the hazards associated with severe weather, including tornadoes and floods, and the procedures that help keep people safe.

A highlight of the week is the annual statewide tornado drill. The drill is conducted in close coordination with the South Carolina Broadcasters Association. The State Superintendent of Education is also encouraging schools statewide to participate.

The National Weather Service will use the Tornado Warning product on NOAA tone-alert weather radio when the drill is conducted. During the drill, the National Weather Service will use a real-event code, "TOR" on NOAA Weather Radio. The “TOR” code will activate tone-alert weather radios that are set to receive tornado warnings, and those radios will broadcast the exercise message.

The drill will be conducted on Wednesday, March 11, at 9:00 a.m. Public schools, state and local Emergency Management, the South Carolina Broadcasters Association, and others will participate in this annual event. The purpose of the drill is to test communication systems, safety procedures, mitigation processes, etc.

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